Purpose Statement

We believe God’s purpose for the people of St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church is to develop joy-filled children of God who love the Lord and share God’s word.

We do this by:

  • ¬≠¬†Maintaining a trusting and welcoming environment.
  • ¬≠¬†Praying daily.
  • ¬≠¬†Reading scripture regularly.
  • ¬≠¬†Sharing our faith through action-based service.
  • ¬≠¬†Encouraging holy conversations.
  • ¬≠¬†Feeding our faith with music.

With a focus on:

  • ¬≠¬†Activities that build relationships.
  • ¬≠¬†Worship that is relevant.
  • ¬≠¬†Meeting the needs of the vulnerable in our community.