Reformation 2017

A Remembrance 500 years in the Making

On Wednesday, August 10, a small group from St. John’s will be off to attend the ELCA’s Grace Gathering in New Orleans, Louisiana to learn more about how to prepare and plan to remember the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Pastor Bob, Ranee Reitz and Jen Schlegel are representing St. John’s, and Tom Engle is attending at the request of Bishop Zeiser to represent the Northeastern Synod of Pennsylvania.

The team is excited to attend and here’s why:

Presiding Bishop Elizabeth A. Eaton states, “The Grace Gathering will bring people together from all across the ELCA. Participants will see the church in action, worship with church wide assembly voting members, engage in experiential learning and attend a variety of workshops that will equip congregations and synods with tools to prepare for 500th anniversary observances. And, you know that when you get a couple of thousand Lutherans together, the singing will be great!”

The team is looking forward to being equipped and using the tools from the Grace Gathering to prepare St. John’s to observe the 500th anniversary locally. Beginning in the fall, look for weekly communications regarding Martin Luther, the small catechism and the Reformation as we enter a year of remembrances of this important event in the history of Western civilization. Should you be interested in participating in Reformation planning and events or have any questions or suggestions, please send an email to