Remembering Voices Lost

Honoring the Hands of Jesus in our Midst

On September 11, 2016, we will focus on lifting in prayer the voices that have been silenced by tragedies since September 11, 2001 as well as those who have responded to tragedies – the hands and feet of Jesus in our midst.  We will be contemplating the presence of God as we deal with anxiety and fear.  Our local first responders have been invited to join us for worship. 

Our sanctuary has been adorned with items to remind us of the various people and groups in our midst who are there for us in our time of need.


Window #1

Police – Called to protect our community from harm and keep us safe…and God is Pleased!



Window #4

Fireman – Called to save lives and buildings caused by Fire.  Good and Faithful Servant…



Window #7

Military – Called to serve and protect our country.  Willing to die for all of us…Serving the Lord in a Mighty Way.


Window #2

Children – They thought it was just another school day



Window #5

College – A place to learn, grow, build relationships and a bright future…should have been.



Window #8

Men – Could have taken the day off, but there was too much work to do…



Window #10

Ambulance – Called to save lives, trained to think fast, act quickly…but what if there were too many to save…


Window #3

Teacher – Called to teach – What a gift…when suddenly tragedy strikes the classroom…



Window #6

Woman – Just another day at the office…



Window #9

Children – They should all be playing, laughing and living a carefree life, but some have lost a parent or loved one due to a tragedy, and they stopped playing…