Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry brings adventure and the Bible together, while fostering faith formation in St. John’s youth. While our focus is intentional about education, recreation, and relationship deepening, our desire is for all ages to participate and make connections inter-generationally. You will find us serving at Bear Creek Camp and the Potato Project. You will also find us treading water at the beach while discussing the stories of the Bible.

We purposefully engage the Bible stories of childhood in a way that they come alive and get connected to our everyday life. Mentors, parents, and staff help nurture youth in the skills needed to become successful adult disciples in the church, community and in the world. Using intentional group building experiences, service and mission adventures and devotion sharing sessions, youth strengthen their relationship with God and with our community. Milestone moments that connect their everyday life with God and their personal faith journey are also celebrated with families and in worship.

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