First Communion

This class provides families the tools and time to understand and experience the richness of Holy Baptism and Holy Communion. These two sacraments are at the core of discipleship for Lutheran Christians, so it’s important that we grow in our understanding.

Students (generally around fifth grade) and their parents remember and celebrate God’s promise in Baptism, and explore God’s invitation to receive bread and wine during communion. Hands-on, experiential and active learning make this a great experience for children and parents alike. If a child is asking questions about Holy Communion, or if a parent is wondering if their child should commune fully, (rather than receive a spoken blessing) then it’s time to take advantage of this course. This class is only offered once a year and is the way we welcome our children to the table!

This class understands that home and congregation work together to form faith in our children. A parent or other significant adult participates together with the child in each learning session, while reading and discussion take place at home as well. The course is experienced through one, 1½ hour class. This class takes place on the Thursday before Holy Week with First Communion celebrated on Maundy Thursday.

St Johns Church